7 Unique Gift Ideas for Fall

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Picking apples, baking pies, swishing your feet through piles of colored leaves on a blustery day, sipping hot cider by a crackling fire…these are just a few of the many, simple pleasures the fall season has to offer. Such pastimes become even sweeter when you share them with those you care about. Fall is a time to focus on care and coziness, and a great way to share warmth and warm wishes towards others is through gifting meaningful fall gifts.

Gift baskets are a great way to reach out to friends and loved ones you may not be able to get together with this year. They also make a great gift to bring for a host or hostess. Or perhaps you’re the one doing the entertaining…gift boxes full of goodies make providing for your fall gathering even easier. Pittman & Davis’s selection of fall gifts includes a huge variety of fine foods, fresh from our groves and orchards, kitchen and bakery. From premium fresh fruit and dried fruits to smoked meats and gourmet candies and baked goods, you’ll find shopping for fall gifts easy! And if you’re looking for a fall gift for an anniversary, holiday, birthday, celebration or just because, here are seven fall gift ideas that can’t miss:

For the Host/Hostess

Those raised by old-school parents wouldn’t dream of showing up empty-handed to a party. Many people show up to a party with a bottle of wine in hand, but you want your gift to be different as well as welcome, go with fresh citrus and other fruits! With different dietary restrictions to contend with, bringing dessert to a party could wind up being exclusionary, while the type of wine you choose may not go with what’s being served. Fruit goes with everything, as well as being compatible with most diets.

  • May we suggest: A great alternative to the ubiquitous bottle of wine or yet another plant, our Six-Pack Gift Box of citrus will be a lovely surprise for your host. Choose between 6 ruby red grapefruit, 3 grapefruit and 4 navel oranges or 8 sweet navel oranges.

Sensational Centerpieces

Fall flowers may be beautiful, but fruit goes farther and can look just as lovely with its bright colors and fresh scent – especially when it’s packed in a beautiful, reusable container. Many of our sturdy, reusable baskets can later be used for planters and centerpieces long after the goodies inside are gone.

  • May we suggest: Forget flowers – our Citrus Delights Gift Basket will look far handsomer on their Thanksgiving table or sideboard! Nestled together in a stylish, reusable metal fruit basket are 2 Clementines, 4 Tiny Tim Navels, 2 Ruby Gems Grapefruit, and 4 Tangerines.

For the Health-Conscious

Are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member who takes his or her health seriously? If you’d like to honor and encourage your loved ones’ healthy choices and give them something they’ll love and enjoy, a fall gift basket filled with fruit is an excellent gift. Perfect for any occasions, our unique and delightful fall fruit baskets are packed with premium fruit the like of which you’ll never find in your local stores.

  • May we suggest: Packed with our famous, perfectly ripened and high-quality premium citrus fruits, these rustic, reusable Half-Bushel Baskets are a perfect seasonal accent that evoke images of beautiful trees in bountiful orchards. With this citrus gift basket, you can get all navel oranges, all ruby red grapefruit or half and half of each fruit.

Entertaining Made Easy

Inviting the gang over for game night, or do you know someone who loves to entertain? A fall gift box filled with a variety of snackable foods is always a welcome gift! Choose one with a variety of goodies so there’s something for everyone. Many of our fall gift boxes and gift baskets contain a selection of premium fresh fruit as well as artisan cheeses, savory smoked meats, crispy crackers, snack mixes, dried fruit, nuts and even sweet chocolate and other candies.

  • May we Suggest: Uncle Dick’s Sampler. This outstanding variety food sampler has it all: fruit, cheese, meats and more. We’ve combined King Comice pears, Navel Oranges, 1 lb. of Canadian Bacon, 1 lb. of Havarti Cheese and one box of Sesame Water Crackers in a mouthwatering assortment that anyone is sure to enjoy!

For Large Families (or an Office)

When sending a communal gift for a family, office or project tame, a large basket of fruit is ideal because it’s easy to share. Choose a gift box or basket with a variety of fruit to increase your chances of appealing to everyone’s taste. You can even select a fruit gift or basket that contains other fine foods, such as savory snacks and gourmet candies.

  • May we suggest:  Fall is a perfect time for this handsome gift box filled with large ruby red grapefruit and seedless navel oranges. The Dozen Gift Box comes carefully packed with 6 large and sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit and 12 juicy and seedless Navel Oranges.

Sweets for the Sweet

Sweet baked goods and unique candies are a great way to mark the specialness of the season. From dried fruits to honey-roasted and chocolate-covered nuts to moist and flavor cakes and gourmet candies, our kitchen and bakeries offer a variety of unusual offerings that will surprise and delight the fall giftee on your list.

  • May we suggest: Two things that make us think of fall? Apples and baking. These two things come together in our Apple Cinnamon Walnut Coffeecake, a delightful, fresh-baked way to start your day. Redolent with spicy cinnamon, this delectable coffeecake is also wonderful for dessert, afternoon tea, brunch or whenever!

Budget-Friendly Fall Gifts

On a budget this year, or working off a long gift list? No worries…you can still get an impressive gift basket or box of fruit without having to break the bank. Our fabulous fruits have far better flavor than what you (or they) will find in a local chain grocery store, so even our most affordable fruit gifts are going to taste like a treasured treat.

  • May we suggest: Starting at just $29.99, a box of our King Comice Pears is very affordable, yet highly coveted – and once you’ve sunk your teeth into one you’ll understand why. Grown exclusively in the Hood River Valley in Oregon, they are the juiciest, sweetest pears with a creamy, velvety texture.

Great Fall Gifts for Everyone

With everything Pittman & Davis has to offer your friends and loved ones, fall shopping is easy! Make your – and their – season extra special by shopping from our collection of fall fruit baskets now.

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