Versatile and Slimming: Calories in Grapefruit a Diet Bargain

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grapefruit13.jpgFruit and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. The scant number of calories in grapefruit make it a dieter's delight, and the intense flavor makes a gourmet dish out of the simplest meals. Grapefruit is a citrus, and as such, plays well with other citrus fruits and can sometimes substitute for them in recipes. Lemonade would be enhanced by the slightly exotic flavor of grapefruit syrup, and orange salads would look even more festive with a few slices of Ruby Red, the Texas specialty. Layer grapefruit sections with low-fat sweetened yogurt, and other fruits for a low-calorie dessert. Both grapefruit pulp and zest offer tons of flavor for very few calories. Grapefruit ices, granitas, Italian-style sodas and gelatoes are gourmet treats you can make easily at home, and quite affordably, too.

Grapefruit can be used to compliment every meal, not merely enjoyed with breakfast. Broccoli with grapefruit sauce and topped with gremolata is a perfect side dish. Gremolata is a perfect seasoning for dieters, for the number of calories in grapefruit zest, basil, and other herbs mixed is quite small. Herbs like sage and rosemary pair well with grapefruit zest for dry rubs and mixed seasonings. The juice is an excellent acidic base for marinades for poultry, beef, pork, lamb, fish or even vegetables. The seafood dish seviche would be even better with a squirt of grapefruit, and meats retain flavor and tenderness with a grapefruit glaze. Perk up store-bought poultry seasoning with zest, sprinkle onto chicken or turkey and roast or broil for an exciting twist on an old favorite. The juice, zest, or whole fruit slices also compliment the strong flavors of game and the richness of duck or goose. Carrot, parsnip, or celeriac in a grapefruit glaze is also delicious.

Infused in vinegar, the peels can add zest to a vinaigrette, and the calories in grapefruit infused vinegar is negligible. Infused vinegar is great for vinaigrettes and pickling solutions savory and sweet. The infused vinegar and zest would pair well with pear, strawberry mango or other citrus for dessert pickles, or rosemary, garlic and cauliflower for a savory pickle. Infused vinegars also make good bases for a marinade with some added oil, or for added flavor anywhere. White or apple cider vinegar are widely available choices for infused vinegar, but rice or white wine vinegar also respond very well to infusing with grapefruit.
Grapefruit makes getting in your daily supply of water and fiber enjoyable. Add a slice of grapefruit to still or sparkling water. Quarter and slip into a sandwich bag for a mid-day treat. Added to salads, a sandwich, or enjoyed alone, the tiny number of calories in grapefruit will have you in tinier sizes in no time.

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