What is a Good Gift to Send for Easter?

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Looking for some sure-fire Easter gift ideas? Shopping for Easter gifts for a single child is one thing, but trying to come up with Easter gift ideas for adults, or even Easter gifts for families, is another – and when your recipient(s) live at a distance, the process can be even more challenging. Well, you can stop worrying…Pittman & Davis is ready to help you think outside the (Easter) basket! Check out some of our favorite ideas for Easter gifts 2021:

Fun Twists on Traditional Easter Gift Baskets

You may like the idea of not overloading the kid in your life with sugar, but the notion of ordering fruit for him or her – and nothing else – may strike you as taking some of the “fun” out of an Easter basket. No worries – from cheerful, reusable baskets containing gorgeous fruits along with sweets and snacks to bunny-themed caramel apples and beautifully decorated Easter Egg Cookies, you’re sure to find a memorable gift that hits just the right balance between light and indulgent in the Pittman & Davis Easter collection.

  • A great choice: The Pittman & Davis Big Ears Bunny Basket contains fresh and colorful fruit that would rival any dyed eggs along with delicious sweet and savory snacks, all backed in an adorable, bunny ears basket.

Easter Gift Baskets for Adults

Who says adults can’t get Easter gifts? Everyone was a kid once, and many of us look back fondly on the Easter baskets we received from the fabled bunny as children. Who wouldn’t love to relive that nostalgia?

Doing so doesn’t mean you have to subject your loved ones to marshmallow peeps, hollow, cheap-chocolate bunnies or overly sugary jellybeans. Easy gifts for adults should take more mature tastes into account, which is where citrus fruit gift baskets containing premium Pittman & Davis fruit are an excellent choice (particularly for people who might be trying to avoid sweets). Or you can mix things up by offering a choice – buy fresh oranges, but include gourmet sweets and savories such as your recipient rarely sees.

  • A great choice: Hand-glazed with premium oak barrel aged rum, the tropical-tasting Pittman & Davis Golden Rum Cake is sure to please more sophisticated palates.

Why You Should Send Fresh Fruit as a Family Gift

Shopping for a group is always a bit more complicated than shopping for an individual. Between allergies (including nuts, dairy products, chocolate and gluten) to lifestyles (vegetarian, vegan, organic, environmentally friendly and socially responsible), finding a “one size fits all” food gift is hard!

When you send fruit gifts, or a large basket of assorted items including fruit, you have a much better chance of pleasing everyone. Plus, a large selection of items is easy for everyone to share, making your gift go further!

Why Having Your Easter Gifts Delivered is a Great Idea

There are so many reasons to order fruit from Pittman & Davis to send as an Easter gift! For one thing, you can have total confidence in the quality of our fruit and other food items. Sending fresh fruit by mail may seem risky to you because you’re used to choosing your fruit for yourself, but we can assure you that the fruit you order from us is still on the tree when you place your order. Just hours after picking, each fruit is hand selected for size, quality and ripeness to our exacting standards, individually hand wrapped in gift paper and rushed right to you or your recipient’s address.

And it’s not just our fresh fruit mail order you can count on…all of Pittman & Davis’ food selections are meticulously prepared to assure the finest quality possible, from our premium grade smoked meats to our premium baked goods. And if you’re not absolutely delighted with the order, we’ll replace it or give you a full refund!

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