What is Grapefruit Pectin?

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grapefruit11.jpgGrapefruit pectin is a type of fiber. This is the easiest way to describe what grapefruit pectin is. Since everyone is always saying that you should get more fiber in your diet, grapefruit pectin is a great way to do that. However, most people do not realize that you can get fiber from grapefruit pectin, or from any kind of citrus fruit for that matter.

The truth is, you can get a whole lot of fiber from grapefruit pectin, depending on how exactly you eat it. There are lots of ways to eat grapefruit, but for the purpose of getting fiber from it, the best way to eat it is to do it raw. Not only should you eat the fruit raw in order to draw the most grapefruit pectin out of it, but you should eat it just like you might eat an orange, a cousin of the grapefruit. Most people consume their oranges by eating each segment with the thin, clear skin intact. They do not consume the peel (although the peel can be used in many other recipes when used properly). Similarly, consuming a grapefruit in this way will net you the most grapefruit pectin from each bite.

If you eat the grapefruit without the skin, you will still get some grapefruit pectin, but only about one third of the amount as you would if you eat the thin membrane surrounding each juicy piece of fruit. Another important thing to know about grapefruit pectin is that there are other ways to get it into your system, but unfortunately a cold (or hot or any other kind) glass of grapefruit juice will not net you any grapefruit pectin. This is because the fiber needed to qualify as grapefruit pectin is not available in juice because it will have been strained out of the liquid. Now, drinking grapefruit juice will still net you all the other great health benefits of the grapefruit, but not grapefruit pectin.

Thankfully for those who may not have a taste for this particular fruit, there are other ways besides raw fruit to get your daily dose of grapefruit pectin. There are powders available that can be mixed with water, juice or other liquids of your choice. The fiber of the grapefruit pectin is isolated in the powder and therefore is available for use by your body. Similarly, there are pills where the grapefruit pectin has been isolated and so can be used as fiber by your body. Both of these options allow you to get grapefruit pectin without eating raw grapefruit, just in case you want the health benefits of fiber but without the tart taste of the grapefruit.

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