Why You Need to Keep Your Home Bar Stocked with Grapefruit

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grapefruit15.jpgThe holidays are coming, and if you plan on entertaining family and friends in your home you should start stocking your bar with grapefruit and other citrus fruit now. Citrus fruit will keep for a long time, but some types of citrus fruits that are very popular like Clementines and Honeybells will not be available later and you could miss out on your chance to get some for entertaining. Using citrus fruits in cocktails, punches, and non alcoholic drinks is a great way to produce color and a sweet and tart taste in otherwise ordinary drinks.

Grapefruit juice from concentrate, or bottled juice, doesn't have the same delicious taste as freshly squeezed juice and often juices that are bought from the store have been packed with sugar as a way to preserve them. This extra sugar can totally change the taste of the juice and can be harmful for people who have medical conditions that can be affected by eating too much sugar. People who choose not to eat refined or processed foods also would not want to drink grapefruit or orange juice filled with refined sugar.

Fresh citrus fruit can double as a beautiful centerpiece too. If you have a small home bar where space is tight filling a decorate bowl with grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, and lemons gives you access to the fruit you need in order to make fresh juice and creates a beautiful looking centerpiece for the bar. When you need more fresh juice you can just grab a piece of fruit from the bowl and juice it. Your guests will feel very special when they see you juicing the grapefruit or orange for their drink right in front of them.

Holiday cocktails should be light and refreshing to offset the heaviness of traditional holiday desserts like cookies and pastries or heavy bread puddings and cakes. Citrus cocktails are the perfect match for sweet desserts because the grapefruit juice has a touch of tartness that balances out the sweetness of dessert. If your guests prefer sweeter cocktails you can mix more fresh fruit or sweet Clementine juice into a cocktail to sweeten it naturally.

Because grapefruit and citrus cocktails are so popular at holiday time it can be hard to find high quality fresh fruit around the holidays and you can expect to pay a lot if you can find fresh fruit. Ordering several boxes of oranges, tangerines and grapefruit now will give you the chance to get the high quality fruit your guests deserve at prices you can afford.

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