How to Thank a Client for Their Business

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Attention businesses: did you know that 20% of your customers will be responsible for roughly 80% of your profits in the future? It’s true – which means that while, yes, it IS important to seek out new business prospects, it’s equally important that you take steps to cement your relationship with the customers you already have. One way to do that is by letting your current customers know you appreciate their business with a personal thank you and – even better – with corporate gift boxes.

Corporate Thank-you Gifts

If you tuned your mom out when she tried to stress the importance of saying “thank you,” it may be time to give her advice another listen: a sincere “thank you” is more than just good etiquette, it’s a way to nurture relationships with a uniquely personal touch.

Studies show that nearly half the customers who move their services to a new company do so because the first company left them feeling unappreciated. That means that ensuring your staff is well-trained and reachable and going out of your way to provide answers may not be as effective at keeping clients as a follow-up thank you. A personal thank-you (either by phone or through USPS) given within 18 months after a client’s initial purchase have been shown to increase a customer’s likelihood of making repeat orders by 10%. When you take it a step further by including a gift with a thank you note, that percentage only increases – and so does your “reach.”

Business Thank-You Gifts

There are right ways and not-to-right ways to say thank you to your clients and customers. Emails are less likely to make an impression, so if you do go choose to go that route, make sure you personalize it as much as possible. Using your customer’s name in the subject line increases their chance of opening the email by 50%, as does communicating your sincere gratitude for their business with words like “valued” and “appreciated.” (You don’t have to use those exact words, but you get the idea.)

Telling your customers “Thanks for your business” may be true, but it’s not very personal. The best, most relationship-enhancing thank you notes are as personal as possible. A sincere, personalized sign-off helps, as does making an effort to send a thank-you at a significant time (e.g. customer birthday, or the anniversary of when they first started using your services). If your staff has taken notes of your customer’s feedback, you can use these, as well.

Corporate Gifts for Clients

If you really want your “thank you” to make an impact, include a gift.

By taking the extra step of connecting with your clients with a tangible thank you gift, you show that your company has that personal touch that so many clients miss in this digital age.

Corporate gifting (AKA business gifting) is a great way to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Finding gifts for business owners may have been step you’ve taken in the past, but it’s also a great way to forge potential new clients as corporate gifts can help reinforce your brand. And when it comes to clients and customers who regularly do business with you, corporate food gifts are far more personal – and appreciated! – than cheap tote bags with your company logo on it!

Thank-you fruit arrangements make excellent client gifts because it’s almost always well-received. Fruit is universally loved and goes well with many dietary restrictions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your recipients’ tastes, or what they may have already like you would with a gift of clothing or décor. Additionally, a fruit box or basket containing fresh fruit and other gourmet goodies offers variety and is more likely to be shared, ensuring your gift – and your company reputation – go even further.

By taking the extra step of connecting with your clients with a thank-you gift, you show that your company has that personal touch that so many clients miss. Make sure your message gets through loud and clear when ship fruit gifts from Pittman & Davis, and you may find yourself keeping your customers for life.

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