Recipe Type: Desserts and Sweets

  • Pittman & Davis Recipe: Mango Lemon Bars

    This delightfully tangy and tropical take on classic lemon bars makes our Pittman & Davis Florida Red Mangoes the star of the show! Sweet, sour, and buttery, these beautiful lemon bars are ready in less than an hour and perfect for cookouts, picnics, playdates, afternoon tea, and more. The buttery, crumbly crust offsets the creamy custard filling with its fresh mango flavor perfectly and the dusting of powdered sugar adds a touch of elegance as well as sweetness. We doubt these will last long, but leftovers should be stored in the fridge. You can even freeze them for later! Ingredients:…

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  • Pittman & Davis Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cherry Bars

    Moist, gooey, and so easy to make, this delightful dessert is yummy alone or served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This rich and dreamy recipe requires only one bowl to prepare and no mixer, so it’s easy to prepare, yet decadent enough for a company dessert or afternoon tea. Ingredients: 1 c. Pittman & Davis Bing Cherries, pitted 1 c. light brown sugar, packed 1 large egg 2 tsp. vanilla extract 1 c. all-purpose flour ¼ tsp. salt ¾ c. semi-sweet chocolate chips Directions: Preheat oven to 350° Heat butter in a medium, microwave-safe bowl in microwave until…

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  • Pittman & Davis Florida Red Mango Tropical Trifle

    Throwing a summer party? Think tropical trifle recipes! We at Pittman & Davis love showcasing our Red Florida Mangoes in various mango recipes, and this mango trifle is both beautiful to look at and a cool and creamy delight to the palate. If you’re concerned that trifle recipes are complicated, fear not – this mango trifle recipe only looks complicated. Assemble this layered dessert in a grand, glass dish…the gorgeous display it presents, along with its light but decadent layers of delectable fruit and creamy custard is sure to impress your guests. (And who has to know the angel food…

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  • Pittman & Davis Peach & Raspberry Buckle

    Fresh peaches are one of summer’s greatest pleasures, and when you’re not eating Pittman & Davis peaches fresh out of hand, you’re sure to enjoy including them in your favorite peach recipes. Georgia Peach Crumble is always a favorite, as is peach cobbler and peach crumble. But don’t neglect to add our Peach & Raspberry Buckle to your collection of Georgia Peach Recipes. What is a buckle, you may ask? Similar to the aforementioned cobbler, this old-fashioned dessert takes its name from its appearance – the streusel layer atop this fruit-studded coffeecake “buckles” as the dense cake batter sinks to…

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  • Pittman & Davis Recipe: Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit Pie

    A delicious and refreshing fruit tart, made for any spring or early summer gathering, is an excellent way to use up any of our sweet, juicy and delicious Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit you might have left over. (You can even store your fruit to use for this or other dishes later!) The fresh fruit is the star of the show here, so feel free to use a pre-baked pie shell for ease…the finished dessert will look no less elegant, and your guests will love a lighter-tasting dessert option on warm days. Ingredients: 5-6 Pittman & Davis Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit…

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  • Pittman & Davis Recipe: Navel Orange Ricotta Pancakes

    Extra-fluffy with creamy, custard-like middles and a citrusy zing of sweet navel oranges, these moist, decadent pancakes make a special Father’s Day treat. The orange adds a taste of springtime, while the ricotta adds a magical milky richness and creaminess to each bite. You’ll love them so much they may start making a regular appearance on your weekend breakfast menu! Ingredients: ½ c. juice and ½ tsp. zest, grated, from a Pittman & Davis Navel Orange 1½ c. all-purpose flour 3 Tbsp. sugar 1½ tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. baking soda ¼ tsp. salt 1 large egg, room temperature 1…

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  • basue peach cheesecake

    Pittman & Davis Sweet Petit Peaches Baked Cheesecake Recipe

    Cheesecake was arguably invented in some form by the ancient Greeks 4000 years ago. But it was the advent of pasteurization which led to pasteurized cream cheese and the silky-sweet dessert we know today. This recipe combines sweet Florida Peaches with firm, smooth, homemade cheesecake to make a dessert that will stand out on any table. Read through the ingredients, gather the tools you will need, and make this Florida Peaches Baked Cheesecake for your friends and family soon. Ingredients 14 ounces Cream Cheese, chopped while cold then rested to room temperature 14 ounces Soft Goat Cheese, crumbled and at…

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  • chocolate covered sumo citrus

    Pittman & Davis Chocolate Covered Sumo Citrus

    Chocolate and Orange may seem an unlikely pair, but these two flavors have been used to create treats for generations. Candied chocolate oranges are a holiday tradition, and pairing melted chocolate and orange slices has become a sophisticated dessert option. This Chocolate Covered Sumo Citrus Recipe takes the Chocolate Coated Fresh Orange Slice to new heights. This simple recipe only has three ingredients, but the results are far from plain. Each bite combines sweet, juicy Sumo Citrus with rich chocolate and the slight saltiness of flaked sea salt. Gather what you need and prepare this easy yet decadent dessert that…

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  • fried apples

    Pittman & Davis Fried Apples

    Apples combined with cinnamon is the basis for some of our favorite desserts such as apple pies, turnovers, and cobblers. But home made Fried Apples pack all of the same flavor into a fast, simple, and easy to make recipe that leaves out the wheat crusts and flour toppings and lets the sweet apple spiced taste shine through. Grab your apples and the few simple ingredients and make a batch of Fried Apples for dessert or a sweet afternoon snack. This is a tried and true version that is sure to be loved by kids and adults alike. Serve them…

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  • asian pear crisp

    Pittman & Davis Asian Pear Crisp

    Asian Pears are sweet, juicy, and crisp which make them a favorite for eating fresh out of hand. Their firm flesh also makes them great for cooking. This spiced Asian Pear Crisp is a perfect fall dessert and when served with vanilla ice cream it can’t be beat. The ingredients are simple and preparation is fast and easy. Gather the items and make this tasty, warm Asian Pear Crisp dessert today. Ingredients 6 Asian Pears 1 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar 3/4 Cup Brown Sugar, divided 1/4 tsp Cinnamon 1/4 tsp Nutmeg 1/4 tsp Ground Ginger 1/8 tsp Salt 1/2 Cup…

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