What are Texas 1015 Onions?

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Gourmet onions are usually used as a base for numerous recipes in many different cultures. Onions, when sautéed, give dishes a rich umami flavor and subtle sweetness that adds depth and flavor to dishes making them more intense and complex. Onions also help tone down the harshest flavor compounds through caramelization and form delicious flavor compounds as they brown and “caramelize”.

Now some may find onions to have pungent smell and sharp taste, however if you stick to using sweet yellow onions you will be able to enjoy the flavor and aroma of onions without the acrid taste and smell of other onions.

Texas 1015 Onions Facts

As most fruits and veggies, onions are not all created equal. There are red onions, yellow onions, pungent onions, sweet smelling onions, small onions, big onions and so on. Of all the onions out there, the Texas 1015 onion variety is one of the best.

  • Texas 1015 onions were developed by the legendary horticulture professor Dr. Leonard Pike of Texas A&M University, in the early 1980s.
  • It was named Texas 1015 due to the fact that they are best when planted on October 15.
  • Texas 1015 is a round, softball-sized, think-skinned yellow onion that has a crisp, juicy, non-tearing white flesh that emits a warm, sweet aroma.
  • Texas 1015 are sweet onions called the “million dollar baby” because it took 10 years of extensive research, never-ending testing and a million dollar budget to achieve an onion that has succulent and crisp flesh with mild, exceptionally flavorful sweet taste. It is so sweet you can eat it raw and mouth-watering be it raw or cooked.
  • Texas 1015 onions are generally grown in Rio Grande Valley, south Texas and are shipped nationwide.
  • If onions make your eyes water the solution is to use Texas 1015. It has high water and sugar content and release fewer enzymes that cause your eyes to water.
  • Sweet Texas 1015 can be used in all onion preparation because of its taste and texture that complements different ingredients; although best enjoyed in barbeques and made into perfectly shaped, delicious onion rings.
  • Texas 1015 Onions are available from April 14 up until August 10. You can buy these sweet, succulent onions online or if you are lucky you can get them from your local market.
  • Texas 1015 Onion is in high demand and the supply of these premium sweet onions is limited. Buy onions early to get to enjoy their yummy goodness and their entire delectable splendor.
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