How to Store Texas 1015 Onions

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Summer’s here, and it’s grilling season – what a perfect time for Pittman & Davis Texas 1015 Onions to be in season! A big, juicy hamburger just wouldn’t be the same without a slice of this unique Texas onion on it. But before you go firing up that grill, there are a couple of things you should know about these amazing onions.

What are Texas 1015 Onions?

The Texas 1015 onion variety gets its name from when it’s planted – that is, mid-October (around October 15, or 10/15).

What’s the difference between a Texas 1015 Onion and a sweet onion?

A Texas 1015 Onion actually is a type of sweet onion. Sweet onions are so called because they contain less sulfur (which means fewer tears while you’re peeling them) and more water than other onion varieties. Texas sweet onions have a lovely, mild flavor that’s less pungent and sharp than other onions.

How are Texas 1015 Onions different than other sweet onions?

Sweet Texas 1015 Onions are quite large – around the size of a softball. Their think yellow skins are dry, papery and brittle. Underneath the skin, the off-white flesh is juicy, crisp, and firm with many layers of even rings that can be easily separated (this makes them a popular choice for making jumbo-sized onions rings). The flesh has a mild, sweet flavor and succulent, tender texture.

How do we know when to harvest Texas sweet onions?

They spend a lot of time in the ground, but don’t worry: Texas 1015 onions are ready ready to harvest just in time for grilling season! That is, during the spring and through the summer, so you’ll be able to add their full-bodied, mouthwatering taste to your hamburgers and steaks.

How can Texas Sweet Onions be used?

Sweet Texas 1015 onions are fabulous both raw and cooked! Great for sautéing and grilling, they can be chopped fresh and tossed into salads or salsa, sliced and served in wraps and sandwiches, or minced into dressings and dips. Use them in any dish in place of regular onions for a unique, mild flavor you’ll love.

Where can Texas 1015 Onions be found?

You can’t buy onions like these just anywhere! You can buy Texas 1015 Sweet Onions online at Pittman & Davis. Ours come from the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, and they’re mild, sweet flavor will knock your socks off! But don’t wait before you buy – the Texas 1015’s limited supply means their in high demand and go fast.

What’s the best way to store Texas 1015 Onions?

You probably already know to store yellow onions in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. You can certainly do that with your sweet onions, but they won’t last as long as non-sweet onion varieties due to their higher sugar content. If you can, keep your Texas 1015’s in the fridge. Make sure they’re dry, wrap them in paper towels or foil, and store them in a single layer apart from your other vegetables.

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