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Ruby Red Grapefruit
Triple Variety Citrus Assortment
Triple Variety Citrus Assortment
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This is the fruit we’re famous for: Ruby Red Grapefruit has been a staple of the Pittman & Davis family since its inception. Today, Pittman & Davis raises the most delicious of all grapefruit varieties to perfection and then takes that extra step of allowing them to ripen fully on the tree. Each tree has to be carefully pruned, fed, watered and generally pampered to grow fruit this extraordinary.

Ideal Growing Conditions

These sugar sweet tropical fruit are very particular about soil, sunlight and temperature. In only two small areas of the world can these Ruby Red Grapefruit be grown to reach their very best quality: The Texas Rio Grande Valley and the Florida Indian River area. We have a modern packing house in each area to assure that you’ll receive the finest fruit grown.

Because less than five percent of the total citrus fruit crop meets our quality standards, less than one person in a thousand has ever tasted such large, sweet and juicy grapefruit. Just hours after picking, each fruit is hand selected for size, quality and ripeness, individually hand wrapped in gift paper and rushed to you or your recipient's address.

Nutrition Facts

½ grapefruit contains

  • 52 calories
    • .2 grams of fat
    • 13 g. Carbohydrates
    • 8.5 g. sugar

Order our Ruby Red Grapefruit on its own or in a variety box or basket.

You’ll find dozens of options, any of them the perfect fit for your gift recipient.